Open positions

2 PhD positions: Quantum nonlinear optics & quantum-enhanced imaging

The Quantum Optics Lab at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics, offers two PhD positions in the fields of quantum nonlinear optics and quantum-enhanced imaging.

In the first project, we will study nonlinear optical interactions between entangled photon pairs and atoms. Quantum spectro-temporal correlations can boost the efficiency of two-photon absorption by orders of magnitude at low light intensities. We are working on exploiting this behavior in novel imaging and spectroscopy schemes.

The second project’s aim is to develop new tools capable of spatially resolved ultrafast photon detection. These will enable us to extract useful information from light more efficiently, which is crucial for applications where the number of detected photons is the limiting factor e.g. super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

We are looking for outstanding and motivated students with a strong background in quantum physics and experience in experimental (quantum) optics. If you are interested in joining our team, please send your application with curriculum vitae to Radek Lapkiewicz. Applications will be accepted until the post is filled.

We are always looking for good students and postdocs. To apply, contact Radek Lapkiewicz.

Available master’s and bachelor’s projects (PL)